The Legacy Approach

Our leadership and management process helps emphasize the unique potential of the individual and provides a structure and process for their development. Each client will gain insight so they can see how their own preconditioning, perceptions, beliefs and assumptions can get in the way of understanding the people they lead or work with. It promotes personal discovery and new approaches for solving problems. It is about moving individuals into behaviors that sustain both their careers and the business. To do this, we have created a number of options to fit every budget.

Executive Coaching

This type of coaching can be viewed as a sign of recognition and an investment in the personal and professional development of both emerging and seasoned leaders.   It primarily focuses on enhancing performance and developing leadership or team-building skills. The coach works at the authorization of Human Resources or another senior executive. Meetings between Coach and the Executive are confidential.  Meetings are usually held by telephone.


  • Telephone or in-person meetings with corporate representative(s) and Client to establish
    the desired outcome and reporting requirements
  • An initial telephone coaching session with the client to set the framework for the coaching relationship
  • Establishing specific and measurable goals
  • Fifteen 45-minute personal Coaching Sessions (3 per month)
  • Unlimited e-mail support

Cost: Three Coaching Sessions per month @ $400 monthly. Five month minimum, payable two months in advance.

Optional, for an additional fee

  • Job shadowing (Hourly rate of $150)
  • Telephone interviews with a minimum of six colleagues/direct reports, including feedback            report  (Price will vary based on # of interviews)
  • 360 Feedback Assessment Evaluations, where up to 10 colleagues and direct reports      feedback is gathered and evaluated  ($500 per assessment)

Personal Executive Coaching

This type of coaching is initiated by the individual and paid for personally. Motivations may vary but often they revolve around personal skill development, achieving balance, handling stress, managing people, overcoming conflict, understanding corporate politics or career transition.


  • Goal setting
  • Personality assessment & other assessments available for an additional charge
  • 1 0ne-hour initial intake session
  • Eighteen 30-minute coaching sessions taken over a nine month period, or any other
    combination of sessions that comprise nine hours
  • Personal Development Plan
  • Unlimited e-mail support

Cost: $200/month.   Nine month minimum.  Payable two months in advance.

Group/Team Coaching

When you are focused on developing and delivering quality services and products to clients, it is invaluable for team members to understand one another and work well together.  This type of coaching provides individual and team assessments, as well as individual and team coaching based on those assessments.  It is a powerful team building exercise.


  • 1 On-line assessment for each team member
  • 1 one-hour individual assessment review with each team member
  • 1 two-hour team assessment review with the entire team
  • 2 30-minutes coaching calls with each team member

Cost: $400/team member + a one-time $500 for the team debriefing.   Minimum of 6 team members.  Payable one month in advance.

Personal Development Coaching

One important common denominator of successful individuals is that they seek out feedback and are willing to invest in their future.     If that describes you, you are a good candidate for coaching.   Individuals often invest in coaching when they are wanting to move to the next level of performance or growth, navigating transitions, wanting to learn a specific skill such as time management or communication, or working through relational challenges.

Coaching will help you discover and explore the gap between where you are today and where you want to be.  Then together we’ll design a plan to address that gap.   We’ll work together to eliminate any obstacles in your way, and we’ll celebrate with you when you achieve success!


  • One hour Complementary initial intake session
  • 2 45-minute sessions each month
  • Unlimited email access  (Emails will be returned within 48 hours)

Cost: $250/month.   Minimum of 3 months.   Payable one month in advance.

Spur of the Moment Coaching

Sometimes you just need someone to be a sounding board and provide feedback, questions and perspective.   You might be tackling an important interview, struggling with the right words to say, or wanting to figure out where you are blocked in a specific area.

One-off coaching sessions are available by special request.

Cost: $150 for one sixty minute coaching session.  Payable in advance.

Consulting Fees

Consulting Fees for hourly projects are typically $150/hour.

Retreat Facilitation Fees

Facilitation fees will vary based on the number of hours involved in planning and actual time at the retreat.  Typically charges are $1500/day, plus travel expenses.

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